Hot Dogs, Again?!?

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Hot dogs, again?!?

For our first camping trip we only packed granola bars, bottled coffee, PB&J, hot dogs, and s’mores. It was a last minute, unplanned trip, so I went straight for simple.

Hot dogs and s’mores over a fire is amazing, if you ask me, for one night maybe two. By the third night, no thanks. But we did it, three nights of simple campfire fare.

We must have looked pathetic. The family at the campsite beside us brought over a plate of BBQ chicken and grilled corn!


I told my husband that would NEVER happen again. I threw on my jetpack and as soon as my phone had a signal I was on Pinterest searching for camping meals.

Being that we didn’t own a camp stove I felt really limited as I started my search. I found so many ideas that sounded amazing but required a stove, or at least they did in my mind. Cooking chicken or beef over a campfire just wasn’t something I was comfortable with at the time, so I settled on a few simple meals that I could prep ahead and just heat over the fire.

Of course, we kept hot dogs on the menu for one night. Our littlest would have revolted had we not! One night we had mac and cheese and the next foil-wrapped packets of potatoes, carrots, peppers, and precooked sausage.

The mac I prepped ahead of time and froze in a foil pan. Freezing it helped to keep the cooler cold and when it defrosted I just put it on the grill over the fire. Easy!

Foil packets are great when camping because there are no dishes. Rip a few sheets of foil, put chunks of potato, your veggies, and sliced sausage (or chicken if you prefer), seal it up, and toss over the fire.

Pro campers? Nope, but our camping neighbors didn’t bring dinner over to save us and that was a win in my book!

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