Camp Stove Cooking

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Both my husband and I grew up camping, but our experiences were very different. My mom is a camp stove cooking machine! She cooked full meals on a Coleman Camp Stove: spaghetti with garlic bread, homemade chili with cornbread, pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. We ate just as well while camping as we did at home. I felt like I was shortchanging my family when dinner was just hot dogs. My husband was perfectly happy with that and reluctant to make a change. One day he explained what he ate when he went camping as a kid and then I understood.

He camped with his dad and brothers. Their meals consisted of cold Spam, Vienna sausages, sardines straight out of the can, and per my husband, “Vietnam era MREs so we wouldn’t die.” I’m cracking up writing this because knowing my father-in-law I know he’s not exaggerating AT ALL.

Clearly, our camping experiences were different.

You’d think that having real meals would sound appealing to my husband, but he really didn’t matter to him. I, on the other hand, refused to camp again without making two purchases: a camp stove and an enameled percolator coffee pot. I need my coffee and cold cans just weren’t cutting it on a brisk morning.

After a ton of research I decided on the STOK Tourist. It is a camp stove and a BBQ grill all rolled into one. I’ve even baked a dump cake with it! I really love how versatile, easy to assemble, and compact it is.

Sadly, it appears that they don’t make it anymore, but they pop up on Amazon frequently.

STOK, if you can hear me:

please bring back the Tourist grill!

If you like what the STOK Tourist has to offer, but can’t find one, this Coleman Stove and Grill Combo is a great alternative. It has both a grill surface and a traditional stove burner. One tool that serves two functions is perfect when you, like me, are limited on space.

Now I’ve got my coffee and a STOK Tourist so I can start camp stove cooking! I haven’t forgotten my hot dog roasting roots, we always have a pack or two, but my jetpack is taking us in another direction. Stay tuned!

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